“Practise Goodism”

Nudie smoothieThere is a cool brand of juices in Australia called “Nudie.” Nudie are awesome because they’ve developed juices with absolutely no preservatives, additives or any other crap in them. We loved them.
The reason I highlight Nudie on this blog is because it’s a brand that not only became very successful in Australia against some very established and big competition, but they have continued to stay true to their start-up message. The crew at Nudie (including Tall Tim) haven’t gotten caught up in “appearing” to be something that they’re not. The messaging is engaging, honest and true to the people that started it and the lifestyle they are promoting. It’s also a fun message and there’s lots of cheekiness in their marketing.
If you check out the Website, they’ve put the story together in quite a unique way, but more than that, the Website has become a hub for social marketing activities and they’re good activities – the sort that will keep people coming back again and again. I am not a consumer expert – business to business has always been my bag – but I think the B2B world can learn a lot from the ingenuity that B2C companies like Nudie demonstrate. Let’s face it, when you’re in the consumer space, you’ve got to work that much harder because the competition for attention is so intense. People have only so much time for “extras” and Nudie seem to be on a winning streak in every sense of the word.
But it is their message that is great, and it’s on all of their products, their Website and in their marketing activities. It’s informal, perfect for an Australian audience and it makes you trust them. Pretty unique in today’s world I reckon. Nudie is a great example that you can remain true to yourself and just because you’ve set up a business, it doesn’t mean you have to “grow up” and be something different. One thing I assure all of my customers is the more honest and relevant your message to market, the more people/businesses will trust you and buy from you. Something to keep in mind. Oh and remember to “Practise Goodism.”
Andrea Edwards
Managing Director

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