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In April 2012, Singaporean travellers will have the option of a new low cost airline within the competitive mix – Scoot. I recently heard the CEO, Campbell Wilson interviewed on radio, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. This is a company that has thought very deeply about what Scoot means and how it wants to be perceived in the market, something that will differentiate it in Asia. The CEO was brilliant in getting across all of the key messages that reflect Scoot’s image – even if its messaging is not complete.

It’s a great example of creating a great corporate story in line with the brand, and so far, it’s working. If you listen to the company spokespeople, it is not just an airline – it’s an experience, an adventure, and something people want to be part of. You can’t launch a low-cost airline subtly and win these days that’s for sure, and with JetStarand Air Asia firm competitors, it is bound to be a VERY interesting journey for Scoot as they work hard to gain a foothold. They appear to be off to a good start though, because nothing is subtle about Scoot, and as it’s Singapore Airlines’low-cost alternative, I’m sure SIA won’t let it fail.

My criticism so far, the Website is a bit thin, providing limited information and it’s not easy to navigate. I’m sure there is a super-dooper digital agency working on its official site as we speak, so I’d suggest they move pretty quickly, because right now, it could turn people away. I just hope it’s not the same agency SIA used last year…

From a social media perspective, its well on the way, with a blog introducing their team – giving them a human face – and interestingly, they’re using the Facebook page to select the company slogan – smart. (Check out this link for airline slogan examples). I voted for “Flying Just Got Fun” – my preference from their options – but I think they can do better. They’re definitely building social momentum, which has to be a core part of its strategy, and with nearly 30,000 members in its FB club before a plane has taken off, that ain’t too bad.

Scoot is all about “Scootitude,” because they claim to be an airline with attitude. As a company getting ready to go to market, I’d suggest it’s a pretty cool project for marketers to watch, as we have a great opportunity to see its marketing strategy take shape and evolve. What works and what doesn’t is going to be very public, so some potential lessons for all of us.

So what do you think – is a new, funky and hip low-cost airline going to be a success in Asia?


Andrea Edwards

Managing Director


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