TTAM – turn off automation on social

Welcome to a new series I’ll write when inspired.

TTAM = Things That Annoy Me and under this acronym I’ll be sharing ideas about what I believe you should not do on social media. Of course, you can completely ignore me if it doesn’t sit well with you, but this is what I believe.

The first thing is turn off social media automation. Turn it off. If you want to respond to someone, respond to them, but don’t automate.

Why, because it’s meaningless and unless you’re already famous, it doesn’t work.

No one gets an automated response and goes oh OK, fabulous, let’s reply to that person immediately and connect with all of the social pages they’ve shared with me.

You just delete it, which means your first interaction with someone is negative.

So, please, don’t ask me to follow your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter or Instagram handle or something else, because we’ve just met. Let’s get to know each other first. Let’s build some trust.

Besides, every automated message I get means I miss messages from people I do want to hear from.

I believe automated messages on social media is a bad legacy. It’s missing the whole point. And that is about creating meaningful connections with people that matter. It’s then about having meaningful conversations.

Turn off automation and get stuck into social media in a meaningful way. You might not get massive numbers but you’ll get meaningful connections, and that means more than anything today. There is enough noise.

Just my thoughts. Agree or disagree?




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