New LinkedIn banner dimensions for 2017

Hi everyone, just a quickie. If you haven’t been upgraded to the new LinkedIn layout, it will happen soon. With the upgrade (which I’m still trying to navigate) one thing that’s changed is banner dimensions.

For all LinkedIn changes, the best place to go for current information is LinkedIn Help (, and here’s the link to the page discussing new banner dimensions.

However, I discovered an intriguing blogger when searching for the answer to this question – the Mafia Hairdresser. Not only a hairdresser, he seems to be a social media expert for his industry as well. I like his personal brand.

If you’re looking for other social media image dimensions across the board, I found this handy reference site – 2017 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet by Mainstreethost. Definitely worth keeping this information handy.

The good news with the layout is everyone automatically has a banner – or so it appears. BUT why be like everyone else and have the same blue banner?

With 65% of the population visual learners take the chance to tell a visual story on all social media channels and let people know who you are. Another point is, for those of us who take it seriously, when you do not have simple things like banners, we presume you’re not that interested in LinkedIn or other social platforms. So take advantage of having an individual look on social media and get taken seriously too.

And if you’ve already updated your banner, go and check that it is still OK with the new dimensions. My professional page seems to be impacted, so I’ll be going back to fiverr to get a new banner done. There are other design platforms, but for simple jobs like this, I find fiverr fast and very cost effective.

Hope this is useful and it’s a quickie blog for me right?



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