What is the one word that can change your life?

I’ve decided to launch a new campaign (or dare I say movement) #JustSayYes and I want you to join me. What’s that about I hear you ask? Well, let me explain.

A few years ago, people started asking me to speak at industry events. When the requests first started coming in, it sent a bolt of fear into me so deep, I just wanted to say NO straight away! Because why would anyone care about what I have to say?

Some other reasons I hear (mainly from the ladies, but men too) are: but how will I look on stage? Or I’ll mess it up. Or everyone will think I’m an idiot. Or. Or. Or…

After I started speaking, I found myself getting better at it. I wasn’t great, but I started to learn how to shape my thoughts in a more succinct way. I joined the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS), so I could learn from established speakers, and the opportunities kept coming in.

It was through APSS I was asked to MC for the first time. I couldn’t say no, but boy, speaking in front of a room full of professional speakers – how daunting is that? Definitely a bundle of nerves that night, but I made it through and learnt a lot. The next time I MC’d for APSS I was a lot more relaxed.

It’s not just about being on stage though. I’d opened myself up to no control over photos of myself. Oh, my word, people can get you at weird angles and make you look hideous, can’t they? Interviews too – the sort you couldn’t read before being published. Totally weird. But probably the biggest challenge was video.

The day arrived when cameras were thrust in my face, and I’m like, no way! Running for the hills. How bad can you look on video?

A yearning to change the world

Then finally, I stopped running, because I remembered what my heart yearns to do.

It wants to help people find the magic within them, find their voice, their self-belief, understand the tools they have to amplify their voice, and finally, get out there and live the largest life they can, making a huge, positive, impact on those around them.

That’s what I want to do.

Someone called me the ultimate cheerleader the other day, and I suppose I am.

With that goal in mind, playing small is not an option. Being in the shadows isn’t an option either. I can’t do it from there.

This world is magnificent, so surely living enormously, with a big smile on our faces is the least we can do for the privilege of being alive, yes?

That’s why I’m launching #JustSayYes. Because that’s what I started to do. I simply started saying yes.

“Andrea, would you be willing to speak at this event on content marketing?” Yes!

“Andrea, can you MC our event?” Absolutely!

“Andrea, can you work with our senior executive team on their personal brands?” I’d be delighted.

“Andrea, can we get you on video?” Why not!

I’m still squirming, don’t get me wrong. But I want to ask you – what can you say yes to? What makes you squirm, but if you said yes, everything could change? Could you start saying yes too?

Part of this campaign will be interviews with legends and I was going to launch the first video next week, but I managed to capture it early. So here it is. Raw footage of two women who do #JustSayYes (but we also do a lot of squirming too). Very happy to have the great Wendy Hogan as my first guest – the #Ladybadass herself.

What will you say yes to?



Yes image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. If you like it, I’d love a comment, or perhaps you can tell me what you’ll say yes to? Of course, please feel free to share with your communities, because that’s what this is all about today – sharing and giving to each other.

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