Stepping into your voice digitally is your right. Own it. Be a social leader

A big month, as I finally go live with my first e-learning course: ‘How to Build a Rock Star Personal Brand.’ because (between you and I) it’s intense putting yourself out there in this way. Be gentle with me 😊.

However, as uncomfortable as I am doing video, I obviously must #JustSayYes, because I really believe in what I’m doing. I know the power of social leadership personally, but more importantly, I can also measure its enormous financial and employee engagement impact on business when embraced across an enterprise. Stay tuned for a case study on that. You’ll be knocked off your chair.

We all appreciate that our world is shaky right now and the bells of disruption continue to toll. Professionally, social leadership is how we stay in control of our career, moving it in the direction we want. Creating the future we want for ourselves.

On a human level, we need the collective power of humanity to stand up and own the digital airwaves. That’s you and I!

We are seeing the school kids in the US do it right now, and we all have this power now. We, the people, are the power now. We’re in control of the information cycle for the first time in human history. For good and for bad, this is happening. And it’s an amazing opportunity for all of us professionally. Embrace it.

As a very active participant in this world, who’s constantly on the pulse of the global/social conversation, I know that the vast majority of awesome people not embracing it are being turned off by those who are representing themselves in a less-than-stellar way. They should turn you off. This is not a narcissistic exercise! It’s an act of service.

It’s why I care so much about what I do and seek to share a message of participating with integrity at the core. Because if you’re not being real, if you’re not delivering value, if you’re not being of service to your audience, then why do anything?

When people tell me why they’re not doing it, self-belief is the biggest inhibitor (as well as the idea there’s already too much noise and it’s too time consuming). I hear you and continue to hear this, but it’s not correct. Those most reluctant to step into their voice usually have the greatest insights to offer, because we all have a unique perspective that has value to a unique audience. All of us, yes.

Regarding noise and time. Yes, there’s too much noise, which is why we need purpose, focus and passion to be successful.

And time – you can commit 30 minutes a week, right? Besides what should you stop doing that is not relevant anymore? This should be the question.

Embrace your voice and embrace the future, which means working and living out loud with meaning, intention and being true to yourself.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, please do check out ‘How to Build a Rock Star Personal Brand’, which has 20% off at this link, using the code MYCOMMUNITY. I’ve had amazing feedback from the enterprise businesses I work with. The message resonates with senior leadership teams and across the business, because it’s not a message of “be a megaphone” it’s a message of “be of service and be you.”

I hope more than anything, that if you do this, it transforms your career and life, because I know it can. It’s done it for me. It’s done it for the thousands of people I’ve had the privilege to work with. Which is why I’ve recorded it, because perhaps it’s something you will value too? I hope so.

A final thanks to Andrew Psarianos, founder and CEO of Picture Perfect Productions Asia. A true professional and master storyteller. Please check him out if you’re in the market for amazing video, including 360 video. Top professional to work with.

If you do it, let me know what you think? Feedback always welcome. If you love it, become an affiliate and make some dosh. Happy to share the bounty.

Either way, own your voice. It’s the opportunity of our time. Do it.



Want to be a super star online?

I am always seeking to share a message of being a social leader with integrity at the core. If you’re not being real, if you’re not delivering value, if you’re not being of service to your audience, then why do anything, right? But social leadership is unbelievably powerful.

I believe it’s time for all of us to embrace our voice and embrace the future. We do this by working and living out loud with meaning, intention and by being true to ourselves.

If you don’t know where to start, check out my e-learning course How to build a rock star personal brand today.

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