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Until it’s under control everywhere, it’s not under control anywhere

I don’t know about you, but the global response to this pandemic is doing my head in! How did we end up with so many man-children in political leadership at this critical juncture in history? It’s time for the adults to show up and get the job done.

Every bad decision by leaders around the world ensures one thing – this crisis lasts longer and everyone suffers more – whether due to the virus or the economic impact! The longer it takes, the worse it will get for everyone.  

Demand that your government do the right thing right now, and regardless of your government’s decisions, make sure your business is doing the right thing by its people. We have power. Let’s claim it.

Everyone’s first job must be to watch this….

That’s what it looks like when adults speak in case you were wondering, but it’s pretty scary huh? Can you donate? Is your company donating?

If the virus reaches the most vulnerable among us, we could be in for a very long battle. We must act to ensure this devastation doesn’t happen. We owe it to the displaced people in our world – who we’ve done so little for in the past – to act. This is our chance to do some good. Let’s do it.

Please let’s put significantly more pressure on our governments – especially if they are making ridiculous decisions that ensure this will keep going and going and going!!!

There is no question the economic implications are going to be dramatic, and none of us really understand how bad it could get, but this impact will be much greater if we don’t get our collective heads together and get the job done fast. This is a global pandemic. It’s time for global action.

Regardless of what anyone thinks right now, we are all in this together and we are all impacted, so let’s focus on what needs to be done today. Not in a few weeks, today. As in, right now!!

We need…

  1. Total transparency from every country – let’s demand it
  2. Cooperation at the highest levels and across the global scientific and research communities! Let’s put our brainpower together globally to solve this
  3. To trust leaders right now, but unfortunately, we don’t. Very few are showing the right leadership qualities required for this time! BUT we voted these people in – this is the cost of our votes
  4. Tests – lots and lots of tests. There is absolutely no excuse that we are still so low on testing capabilities all over the world. This has been an issue for more than four months. If it was war, we would have sorted it out by now. However, we are at war against an unseen enemy and the lack of action is a sign too many countries are not getting the seriousness of this situation. Tests are important because they help alleviate fears. That would be a great thing for governments to focus on right now. Alleviating fears of citizens

There can be no argument, we are right in the middle (or even closer to the start if we don’t get this addressed) of a global crisis which is on track to cause major human losses and significant economic disruption that many experts believe will last 12-24 months.

Some coverage to support this statement

BBC: Coronavirus: A visual guide to the economic impact – note final paragraph

Forbes: Economic Recovery From COVID-19 And Geopolitical Ramifications – thanks Wendi Stewart for this one

CNN Business: Two economic scenarios for the impact of coronavirus on the US

World Economic Forum: The economic effects of COVID-19 around the world

According to Bill Gates ‘Best-Case Scenario Is Six To Ten Weeks Of Total Isolation In U.S.’

The message is clear. The sooner we act, the sooner we solve this situation and focus on getting the world back on track – whether we face a deep recession or not. How bad it gets really is up to all of us, in every corner of the globe.

The virus MUST be the focus right now. Not the economy. Hey, why don’t we put the global economy into a deep freeze, like the Danish Government is doing?

The Atlantic: Denmark’s Idea Could Help the World Avoid a Great Depression

We’re in extraordinary times, let’s do extraordinary things!!

It’s time for MASSIVE global action

Let’s lock it all down for 30 days, every country closed. Only humanitarian aid workers, and those who must travel to stop the spread of the virus, are allowed on the road and in the skies. The rest of us stay home and self-isolate.

Of course it will be enormously complicated and challenging to do this, but right now, this is the decision we all must accept and face together if we are to overcome.  

There are many countries, like Singapore, taking the lead in tackling this challenge whilst remaining transparent for its citizens. Transparency alleviates so much fear and anxiety. When the people don’t know, they find information regardless.

Therefore Governments, be transparent – your people need to be informed, so they can be calmer and take the right actions to help all of us succeed. People in fear do not make good choices. We are seeing this playing out all over the world.

As an example, who ever imagined we’d live in a time where women were fighting over toilet paper in the supermarket aisles? Crazy.

Regardless of how Singapore acted, due to global inaction, it is facing a second wave of the virus, which proves the point, until its under control everywhere, it’s not under control anywhere.

Travel must stop everywhere – international and domestic. No returning to your home country or your country home. Yes, people are escaping infected cities to go to their holiday homes. THAT IS HOW PANDEMICS SPREAD!!! Don’t move!

We have to accept that there can be no human movement for 30 days if we want to stop this virus in its tracks. Why hasn’t this happened already?

Global and regional cooperation

We need global leadership and we need it from those who understand that this is serious – like the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong and the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

They are two examples of leaders who have shown a deep understanding of the situation, and they are the ones we should be listening to and following right now. We also need them to help their neighbours do better too, because say it after me: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!

If we make the decision to shut the world down, let’s agree to open borders when we have eradicated the virus in our country or region. In fact, why don’t we make it a regional imperative. ASEAN, North Asia, Indian Continent, Middle East, ANZ, Africa, North America, South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe. We open up by region when it’s virus free, which might actually get neighbours working together? Wouldn’t that be something?

A virus respects no borders. A virus respects no nationalities. A virus doesn’t respect the wealthy or the poor. Hey HRH Prince Charles has it! A pandemic is the great leveller. We’re all in the same boat, and I’d be delighted to see us come out the other side of this more united than ever before.

Because once we get this job done, we’ve got another bigger job to do – face the climate crisis.

Let’s go big and get it done

Big call? No it’s not. Although many will think it is, especially if they have been listening to man-child global leaders. Regardless of contradictory messages from global leaders, this is a call that needs to be made. The longer we don’t take this seriously, the longer it will take to overcome.

Because until it’s under control everywhere, it’s not under control anywhere. And that is the only truth we must be focusing on.

Bill Gates doesn’t talk like that!

And just so you know, that Bill Gates piece you’re all sharing on Facebook, which is now turning up on Websites? Well it’s fake news. It’s not a bad piece to share – it’s a nice message – but the first sentence talking about spirituality gave it away. I’ve never heard Bill Gates speak like that. And while this example is harmless, we must be vigilant in the information we share.

If interested, I did a video on how to protect yourself from not spreading misinformation.

There will be many learnings that come from this time, but the most important learning so far is swift action and big decisions matter globally. Let’s get this virus under control.

If you agree with this sentiment, speak up. Share. Let’s get going and solve this – TOGETHER!!

What do you think the world needs to do to solve this, if different from above?



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