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#2 Weekend reads – some articles and videos to get you up to date

It appears my first weekend reads was valued, so here we go with week two.

I always read far and wide, which I encourage everyone to do! It’s so important to keep on top of what’s happening, trends, and more, plus it’s where you identify changes, especially the evolution of the global human hive mind.  It’s certainly evolving.

I also really want to encourage everyone to read beyond your borders. This is a global crisis, and we are all impacted by the decisions taken in other parts of the world. It’s also a big, beautiful world out there, so worth paying attention to.

I share without opinion (well I’m only human) or agreement. I recommend you read them all, or the just the articles that grab your attention. Knowledge is power. There’s some funnies too.

In no particular order….

Good Leadership Is About Communicating “Why

The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them – Tks Ava Diamond

COVID-19 Consumer Impact Tracker – super interesting!

Health workers become unexpected targets during covid-19

Covid-19 has many faces

The truth the government doesn’t want you to know about shelter in place 😊- tks Joe Augustin

Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’s

Without A Vaccine, Herd Immunity Won’t Save Us

Coronavirus: Two Rohingya test positive in refugee camp

Pandemic whack-a-mole begins as cases spike in China, Germany, and South Korea

How to rebuild and reimagine jobs amid the coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus conspiracy theories are frustrating ER doctors

Tracking the carbon emissions from the world’s coronavirus stimulus – tks Susanna Hasenoehrl

Supercut Shows Trump Has Spent His Entire Presidency Lashing Out At Female Reporters – tks David Lim

Welcome to the new normal innovative lifestyle! – ugh!!

Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling. 3 Percent of Women Agree.

Women’s research plummets during lockdown – but articles from men increase

Venture firm Sequoia is sounding the alarm about the economy again as coronavirus spreads – tks Wendy Tan

Bill Gates thinks that the 1% should foot the bill to combat climate change – AGREE!!

The Four Men Responsible For America’s COVID-19 Test Disaster

It’s the Pandemic, Stupid

‘I’m 79, I won the Nobel Prize and I don’t give a s—‘ – tks Simon Kearney

You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you – beautiful!! Tks Warwick Merry

‘Toxic lockdown culture’ of repressive coronavirus measures hits most vulnerable

Is it too late to prevent climate change?

Senator Hawley channels Trump in his attack on the World Trade Organization

Can the world find a good covid-19 vaccine quickly enough?

Why Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Flourish. And Why It Matters.

Fauci tells Congress: ‘There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective’

‘No FUR-loughs’: BBC commentator stages hilarious Zoom ‘business meeting’ with his two dogs

If you haven’t discovered Andrew Cotter yet, I highly recommend taking a look at his YouTube channel. Hard to pick, but here’s a favorite.

Covid-19 has given most world leaders a temporary rise in popularity

Economic Strategy Group Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic Crisis

The Plandemic Spectacle: a Viral Loop of Emotional Control? – tks Mark Jamieson

Why It’s Important To Push Back On ‘Plandemic’—And How To Do It

Fuck the Bread. The Bread Is Over. Storytelling at its finest, thanks Joe

The hashtag that shook the foundations of Alan Jones’ power #DestroyTheJoint – tks Phillipa Edwards

How Freedom Became Free-dumb in America

How has Vietnam, a developing nation in South-East Asia, done so well to combat coronavirus?

Some Progressives Are in Denial About Trump’s Fascist Momentum – tks Graham Harvey

In The NYTimes, Only White Leaders Stand Out

Potentially fatal combinations of humidity and heat are emerging across the globe

Coronavirus: How they tried to curb Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 – great photos!

Crisis Interviews: Looking Beyond the Pandemic – well worth a watch

Ominous warning for world governments as South Korea hit by ‘super spreader’ after lockdowns lifted

Doctors keep discovering new ways the coronavirus attacks the body

Why Do Women Make Such Good Leaders During COVID-19? – tks Pattie Grimm

Eleven Secret Service agents test positive for COVID-19: report

Jeff Bezos ‘could see wealth surge’ as coronavirus drives Amazon fortune

Talkback host Alan Jones to step down from 2GB – GOOD!!

People Stuck at Home are Recreating Famous Paintings and It’s Awesome

New US coronavirus hotspots appear in Republican heartlands

Scotland eyes outdoor learning as model for reopening of schools

How Globalization Will Look After COVID-19

Murray-Darling systems not assessed for endangered listing after officials warned Coalition would not support it – tks Daniel Clancy

‘Finally, a virus got me.’ Scientist who fought Ebola and HIV reflects on facing death from COVID-19

China’s global campaign for virus-response praise met with silence

Anti-gay backlash feared in South Korea after coronavirus media reports

Coronavirus: Compulsory vaccines in the UK and other rumours fact-checked

How Australian airline Qantas is taking care of its grounded planes amid Covid-19

Epidemiologist Slams U.S. Coronavirus Response: ‘Close To Genocide By Default’

Coronavirus found in men’s semen

Life After Ventilators Can Be Hell for Coronavirus Survivors

We Are Living in a Failed State – tks Philippa Penfold

Quarantine Fatigue Is Real

COVID-19 – Path Forward #CovidPathForward

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months – awesome story. Tks Joe Augustin

South Korea’s new outbreak should be a warning

How Pandemics End

Coronavirus blood-clot mystery intensifies

India’s carbon emissions fall for first time in four decades

Coronavirus shows us it’s time to rethink everything. Let’s start with education

Your Brain, Your Content

Why reporters don’t walk out when Trump insults them

Have a great weekend. Leaving nine weeks of quarantine and heading into week 10 here. You?



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